Design , Strategy and Marketing

From customize the module, to APP support in every smart device. We can provide a tailor made solution according to your personal requirement in any smart product.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

With the help of full automation applied in our manufacturing factory, JC can provide high quality, stable capacity and competitive costs products.

Assembly, Quality Control and Conditioning

We are able to assembly quartz watch, mechanical watch, smart watch, smart jewelry, smart wearable device, and we can carry out all test which refer to international standard.

Ecommerce, Fulfilment and Competitive

Based on your design, JC can provide the professional proposal for technical advice, a competitive cost, production efficiency, to assist your products enhance the competitive in the market.

What can we do

We have over 30 years of experience in Stainless Steel product’s production. With us as your discreet partner, it is definitely, we can create an impact in the smart wearable market.

Smart Product Development

We are a developer, a manufacturer, as well as a professional maker for any kind of smart wearable products, our team adheres to a dedicated and professional attitude, pursues excellent product quality and customer experience.

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Costs Optimization

We go the extra mile to ensure you spend less time and money managing your energy supplies.

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Technical Support

Refers to services that entities provide to users of technology products or services. In general, technical support provide help regarding specific problems with a product or service.

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One Stop Service

We integrate in-house development and production, to maximize efficiency, enable greater control of production lead-times, quality and cost, while meeting international standards at all operation levels.